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It’s half past three and I still can’t get to sleep. Every time I let my mind relax it starts thinking about you; about how brave you are each day and how hard it is for you, about how I just want to hug you but I know you wouldn’t like me to. About how handsome you always look in your pinstripe suit. About the way I felt so happy inside when you said you felt a moment of tenderness for me and how by the end I felt like my heart was breaking again.

I don’t know how I can feel this heartbreak over and over again, except I suppose I keep hopefully sticking the worthless little thing back together so that I can offer it to you one more time.

Normally when a thought keeps me awake at night I write it down but I can’t just keep writing you down, You, You, You, You … so I wrote this and then instead of posting to you I posted to a blog. I hope you sleep well wherever you are and have a good day tomorrow. xxx


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