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Another business opportunity, another trip away from home, another cautious and distant goodbye. As I stand miserably alone on the frosty doorstep and watch him drive away I wonder what I am doing. Where’s my pride, where’s my independence?

Truth is, I am independent enough, and perhaps more than enough; like many of my friends and colleagues, I don’t really need a man and am at times fiercely self-sufficient. In this I suppose the modern woman is a challenge for modern men, who despite their much-avowed love of sex do not seem to like being needed only for their sexual services and a cuddle on the sofa with a movie when there’s time. They want more, and when you don’t give it – because of your career, new baby, self-sufficiency, love of long distance running – they really do resent it.

Has our relationship been unfair or one-sided or have we been equally unkind? Who can judge? But one of us has gone away into the world not knowing his value to the other.

Pre-loveless me would at this point probably shrug and say ‘poor poppet’; new me, awake and alone, says, ‘we all need to feel needed.’


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